Hand bags for college girls


Hand bags for college girls is always about space, easy to carry, sturdy & yet stylish which doesn’t pinch their pocket.

A college girl these days is willing to spend on good quality leather bags which are affordable at the same time trendy.

Funkaari intends to create bags which are chic & trendy and are desired by young girls these days. Today’s customer is smart and know what genuine leather is. Earlier leather was meant for a niche clientele but thanks to brands like funkaari a college girl can now easily afford a good quality leather product.

Bags are more of a style statement now-a-days amongst college girls & with Funkaari’s wide range of products you can easily add color & quality to your wardrobe at a very affordable price. Girls if you are looking for a small easy to go sling bags then check out Funkaari’s all leather moon bag available in three different colors or cool girl sling bag which is available in four different color options.

Funkaari’s stylish tote bags are perfect if you have heavy books & folders to be carried to college every day. There noleen tote bag is a classic piece which is very sturdy & a unique design. The colors of noleen tote bag are very neutral and quite wearable. Then Funkaari’s other tote bags like rina & nita tote bags are perfect bags to add some glamour to your style quotient and these are bags which are very eye catchy simply because of the detailing they have on them.

Girls if you carry laptop’s every day to your college and if you are bored of carrying those stereotype laptop bag packs then check out Funkaari’s brazen laptop bag, this is a perfect stylish accessory for your valuable laptop. You can easily carry you laptop and couple of books/files in this bag, which comes with ample of space.

Then Funkaari has some cool range of boho & gypsy bags like Miriam bucket bag, country girl bag & diva drawstring bag for all you sassy college girls.

At Funkaari, products are made with a lot of love & care to fulfil your desires with maximum utility.


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